Star Insurance offers insurance to cover every aspect of aviation. From underwriting to claims service, we know that there's much more to you than can be captured by numbers on an actuarial table. It's just one of many things that set Star Insurance apart from other insurance providers. To us, you're always more than a number. You're a fellow aviator. Whether you're an aircraft owner, renter, CFI or aviation business operator, we offer the best policies available and the expertise to guide you to the one that's right for you.

  • Multiple A-rated aviation insurance carriers.
  • Coverage options to fit your unique needs for the aircraft you own, operate, manage, rent or borrow.
  • Quick, easy no-obligation quotes.
  • Outstanding personal service from aviator advocates.

Comprehensive Protection for Your Vehicle Through Star Insurance Star Insurance offers you comprehensive Car Insurance for your vehicle, be it loss or damage to your vehicle or legal liability to a third party. The policy offers you a host of benefits at very affordable and competitive premium rates.


Cargo insurance (also known as marine, shipping or freight insurance) covers the loss, damage or theft of commodities while in transit. For a fraction of your annual business costs you are given peace of mind, knowing that while your goods are in transit, and completely out of your control, your maximum financial loss is limited to your deductible.

  • Asset protection.
  • General Average (GA) guarantee.
  • Control over claims.
  • Customized coverage & pricing.
  • Local representation.
  • Automatic & continuous coverage.
  • Cost effective.

Nearly a decade professional experience in the market, gives you the peace of mind, knowing that we have extensive knowledge of the local healthcare network. We are able to offer you a unique insight into the region's best insurance providers. A dedicated claims team helps to simplify a sometimes confusing claims process. We are here to act on your behalf not the insurances companies.


Work accidents happen – it’s a fact. Protect yourself and your business with contractors insurance through the Star Insurance program today. Our contractors insurance could provide you with a Business Owners Policy (BOP) with general liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and commercial auto insurance – all in one place! This helps to reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple companies and contacts to purchase and maintain your contractors insurance.


Fire and Theft with Star insurance provides protection for your vehicle in case it is damaged by specific, non-collision incidents. Fire and Theft with Star insurance pays to repair or replace your vehicle in case of the terms that we agree in the contract.


Travelling wouldn't’t be fun without surprises. But sometimes the unexpected leaves you whimpering in a hospital bed when you should be exploring the jungle. A Star travel insurance policy can protect you from a variety of unexpected circumstances while you're traveling. Whether you're looking for trip cancellation coverage to pay for the costs of hotel reservations and other associated fees after a missed flight or if you need medical expense coverage to protect you from the extensive costs of overseas treatment and hospitalization, a Star travel insurance policy can drastically decrease your risks.

Money Insurance

Cover the money that is exposed to theft or embezzlement in case of:

- - Money saved in the safe.

- - Money in transit.

- - Fidelity Guarantee.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance helps you handle the medical and out-of-pocket costs that add up after an accidental injury.

This includes emergency treatment, hospital stays and medical exams, and other expenses you may face, such as transportation and lodging needs.


At StarKar Insurance we offer a unique combination of insurance expertise with in-depth knowledge of the challenges of many industries.

This allows us to accurately assess the needs of your business and match those needs with coverage that appropriately addresses your risk. We have the one of the leading services for you energy insurance.

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Our company future business

As the new era for Iraq and especially Kurdistan's future looks shine and very promising to expand and take the businesses to the next level, here in StarKar we can provide complete services and facilities regarding insurance.

What else investors need for improving the business environments and feel no danger in taking more steps forward for brighter future.